Monday, October 15, 2012

B1 Free Archive for Android: Supports .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z Archives

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Android is a growing platform on smartphones and archive files are popular for a long time to distribute multiple files at once. So, compatibility between the two is a must. Android does not comes with any built-in archiver software and so you have to rely on third party solutions. It's really hard to find nice, powerful, yet free archive manager for Android. B1 Free Archive for Android is a latest entry to the list of free archiver softwares for android and already has gained enough popularity. Currently it supports opening and extraction from .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z archive types. It can create .b1, .zip archives
Download & Specification
The software available on Google Play
Currently it is in version 0.4. The developer says that all the features may not work exactly what expected since it is yet to reach a stable build. It already has the following features:
  • Can open and extract .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z archive types.
  • Can create .b1, .zip archives.
  • supports multi-part (splitted) archives
  • supports password-protected zip, rar and 7z
  • Multilingual: supports 30 languages. You can also translate this app to your language.
Support for .b1, .zip, .rar & .7z archives
Compress as .b1 & .zip
Menu of a .bi Archive
Extract Options

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